Life Groups

We believe that God has created us for relationships. Not only with Him but with other people, as well. We don't believe we were created to walk this journey of faith alone. Life Groups are the place where we build friendships and grow in our faith at the same time. Life Groups meet for 12 weeks and consist of 12-15 people that meet around a variety of interests and spiritual needs. The take place on a semester basis, Spring and Fall, and new groups form during each semester.  Sign up periods run during January and August. Join us as we grow in our faith together!

Spring Life Group signups are now open!  Groups begin the week of February 10th. Check out the groups below and click HERE to signup for a group!

Life Groups

Spring 2019

*Note: In groups where childcare is provided, it is $3 per child per gathering to cover the cost of the babysitter.


Finding My Place in the Church

                                   When: Wednesday evening, 6-7:30pm                                   

Where: First Wesleyan Church                                       Focus: Heart

             Leader: Joe King                                                          Childcare Provided: No

God’s plan to change the world is the church.  And the church is made up of you and me. Together we’ll understand the value and purpose of Christ’s body, the church, and we’ll discover our place in it. We’ll talk about who we are in the body of Christ. We’ll discuss what this new way of living should look like. We’ll discover how we can be involved. Together we will look for answers as dive into God’s word, strengthening ourselves in the faith, and helping to build one another up. If you’re new in the faith, come and learn. If you’ve been following Christ for a long time, come and share what you’ve learned and experienced in your walk with Jesus. Let’s help build each other up in the body of Christ!


Five Love Languages

                                                  When: Tuesday evening, 6:30-8pm                                                    

Where: 35 Dun Road, Chillicothe                                  Focus: Heart

                  Leader: Ralph Skillings                                                   Childcare Provided: No

We’ve been created to give and receive love. The question is, how can we love others and how can we experience love from others. Come and explore how to demonstrate love to one another using the principles of “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. This information is useful for anyone whether single or married as we discover how to love and be loved so that it impacts the people around us. You have a love language-everyone has a love language. Together we will find out what yours is, how to determine another person’s love language, and most importantly, how to love one another!


Bed Brigade

When: Saturday morning, 9-11 (This group will only meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month)

Where: First Wesleyan Church                                       Focus: Hand

Leader: Bill Malone                                                       Childcare Provided: No

If you like using your hands to make things and have been looking for a way to serve in the community, this group is for you!  We will make beds and deliver them to people in the community who are currently without one.  It will be a great time of serving together and making a difference! 


Experiential Worship

                                 When: Monday evening, 6:30-8:30pm                                    

                                Where: First Wesleyan Church                                         Focus: Heart                                                  

Leader: Eli Ruggles and Marty Ford                               Childcare Provided: Yes

Often when you hear the word “worship” the picture that comes to mind is a group of people signing along while someone plays a guitar, or maybe even singing, dancing, and clapping while a band rocks out. While it’s true that those are methods of worship, it is also true that we can experience worship in ways that engage our other senses, draw on our imagination, and give us the opportunity to connect with God. Join us as we sing, pray, read Scripture, create art, and invite God to speak to us through a variety of ancient praise, worship, and prayer practices (and yes, Marty will have his guitar, too!).



Men’s Basketball

                                          When: Wednesday evening, 8:30-10pm                                             

Where: Adena Middle School, Frankfort                                    Focus: Hand

  Leader: Tyler Harris                                                        Childcare Provided: No

Whether you’re a former all-star or your skills are lacking, join us as we play basketball.  This group is for anyone age 16 and older that wants to hang out with other guys, play basketball, and get in shape. We’d love to see you there!


Breakthrough Book Club

When: Wednesday evening, 6:30-8pm

Where: The Sunroom, 113 E. High St., Frankfort                       Focus: Heart

Leader: Peggy Shiflett                                                   Childcare Provided: No

A movie called Breakthrough is coming out in April. It tells the story of a boy who fell through an icy lake, and how prayer and faith played a role in him coming back to life and recovering well.  The movie is adapted from a book called The Impossible.  Throughout the course of the semester, we’ll read the book together and discuss the themes contained in it.  At the end of the semester we’ll go see Breakthrough when it comes to theaters. If you love to read and want to be encouraged in your faith, join us in this group!



                                     When: Monday evening, 6:30-8pm                                         

Where: First Wesleyan Church                                       Focus: Head

                Leader: Jon Welch                                                        Childcare Provided: Yes

Together we’ll study the book of Revelation. Revelation is a sometimes confusing and often misunderstood book in the Bible, but it tells a beautiful story of how to live the story of God well in a culture that values everything but the story of God. Come, learn and grow, as we dive into this exciting book together!


Financial Peace

                                     When: Thursday evening, 6:30-8pm                                       

Where: 455 Crawford Lane, Frankfort                            Focus: Head

                  Leader: Brian and Lindsay Grigsby                                 Childcare Provided: No

Ever wondered how God and money fit together? If you’re looking to get out of debt, become more generous, or just find out what God has to say about how we should use money, join us as we learn how to steward God’s money with principles and applications from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.


VBS Decorating

                                            When: Thursday evening, 6:30-8:30pm                                              

                        Where: First Wesleyan Church                                            Focus: Hand                                   

Leader: Molly Lloyd                                                         Childcare Provided: No

If you like to work with your hands, this group is for you.  We’ll be building, painting, drawing, and more as we get ready for one of the most important and impactful weeks of the year: Vacation Bible School.  There is something for everyone, even if you’re not skilled, we can use your help. Join us as we prepare for VBS!